What is Movie Nutrition

What is a balanced movie diet?

Just like any parts of our lives, what we watch at the movies is all about balance. Because we are what we watch.

Just as we do with food, we can follow a nutritional pyramid for movies.

Because going to the movies can be a nutritional experience. The time we spend traveling to new places, meeting new people and learning new things can enrich our souls just as nutritious food can keep the rest of us moving.

Follow the movie nutrition pyramid as you choose your balanced movie diet.

Movies to Teach

Most important to movie nutrition are films that can teach us important fundamentals.

Meaningful Lessons: films that stimulate conversations about important issues, from how people cope to how nations divide and unite to the fundamentals of right and wrong.

Moments in Time: movies that magically transport us to moments in history we could never experience first hand.

Amazing Places: films that take us to deserts, ocean floors and outer space, to experience how people live in alternate conditions in various locations and experience different cultures.

Movies to Inspire

Important to movie nutrition are films that inspire us to be better people.

Great Accomplishments: films that tell stories of people who accomplish and contribute great things.

Serious Adversity: movies that help us get to know people who overcome significant challenges in their lives.

Special Connections: films to help us get to know how people connect and what they can mean to each other.

Movies to Entertain

Going to the movies can be fun, too.

Great Escapes: films to help us get away from daily pressures.

Whistle and Dance: films that inspire us to laugh or tap or toes.

Guilty Pleasures: the ever-so-fun movie junk food for a most enjoyable splurge without feeling guilty.

So before you instantly reach for what’s easily available – yet another sequel to that vampire film or action movie – take a look at what’s available in theaters, on DVD, on television and on line – and how a more creative film selection may be a more nutritious choice as well.

It’s all about balance. Because, yes, we are what we watch.