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    Truth (Theaters)

    Truth (Theaters)

    Movies love journalists. From making us laugh in His Girl Friday in the 1940s to inspiring us to question in All the President’s Men in the...
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  • Carol (Theaters)

    Carol (Theaters)

    What Todd Haynes accomplishes with Carol is astonishing: he manages to turn post-war New York City into a bleak environment for lonely people searching for ways...
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  • The Walk (Theaters)

    The Walk (Theaters)

    As long as Robert Zemeckis keeps The Walk airborne, the movie takes flight. After all, there’s something to see when a man decides to stroll between two buildings...
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  • Time Out of Mind (Theaters, On Demand, Online)

    Time Out of Mind (Theaters, On Demand, Online)

    The idea of a big movie star playing a homeless man on the streets of New York could be seen as a not-so-subtle attempt to snag award attention. But Richard Gere has more on his mind than walking a red carpet. With no signs of attitude or vanity, he disappears into Time Out of Mind thanks to […]

  • Grandma (Theaters)

    Grandma (Theaters)

    If you savor watching a masterful actress at the top of her craft, rush to see this touching film about a woman confronting the consequences of her choices. The movie is Grandma and the actress is Lily Tomlin. Get ready to hear her name at Oscar time. As the movie begins, the lady ends a relationship and answers the door when […]

  • Do You Scratch Your Head Over Oscar?

    Do You Scratch Your Head Over Oscar?

    Even after Oscar season ends each year, the wonders of the races compel film buffs to scratch their heads. How did Titanic – a film that captured the attention of the world – overwhelm LA Confidential – a film that captured the kudos of critics – to be named the Best Picture of 1997? How […]

  • The Blind Side Teaches How People Can Connect (TV)

    The Blind Side Teaches How People Can Connect (TV)

    This movie shouldn’t work as well as it does. On paper its story of a family willing to reinvent a young man’s life reads like a recipe for movie syrup filled with too much sugar for healthy consumption. But it grabs us from the first moments. Perhaps we are touched by its story of parents, […]